This module makes clear presentations possible with an effective area of scarcely 20 square meter. The equipment covers apart from a modern lighting system, ventilation technology, heating and an air conditioning.
You have the possibility to flag your company banners by the two flag mast points to a high of approx.. 23 feet to be recognizable on a far distance.
By a quick change picture frame system at the sides and at the tail of the module is it possible to show your company CI in a high quality digital pressure.
This special foil can remain also while driving on the module. In case of this your CI builds a perfect advertising during a trip to next destinations.
A substantial advantage of this quick change picture frame system is the cost saving instead of other advertising mediums, because it is able to be reused several times. I.e. you have only the build and printing costs of the foil one time. We store it if you wish after the road show and fix it free of charge at a later order again.

Technical Data sheet
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